Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gusto Review - Basilico

After hanging around Sliema and Gzira all afternoon, hubby and I wanted a nice, relaxed dinner before heading home. After consulting Gusto for a restaurant suggestion, we decided on Basilico.

The location: Part of The Waterfront Hotel on the Gzira seafront, though having a separate entrance. Lovely views of Manoel Island as located on the first floor. Parking is not usually a problem as this restaurant is not bang in the middle of the ever-busy, traffic-congested Sliema :)

The place: Simply decorated and notably clean. Tables situated near the large glass windows with great views. You can feel at home after a couple of hours of shopping with tonnes of bags whether for lunch or dinner! :)

The menu: Definitely varied with a great selection of starters, salads, pasta, meat, chicken, pizza and fish :) The mushrooms in garlic starter served with a slice of warm bread was heavenly... hubby and I actually got one of each as we didn't want to share!! The beef rib eye was properly cooked (we ordered one medium-rare and one medium-well).. both were served exactly as ordered.

The staff: Immediately acknowledged us on walking in and served us graciously and knowledgeably with a smile throughout!

Gusto: Saved 22 euro off our dinner :) Accepted Gusto with no prior reservation and totally hassle-free!

P's recommendation: For a good, well-priced, lunch or dinner in Gzira (note for the foreigners: Gzira practically merges into Sliema), Basilico comes highly recommended! And there's enough space around your table for all your shopping bags too :) And you can save 50% off your food bill by getting your Gusto card here :)

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