Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gusto Review - Ristorante Don Fauzza

Last week, hubby and I decided to meet up with my sister, her fiance and their lovely 9 month old son for dinner on a Friday evening. As I usually do to find a good eatery, I logged on to the Gusto website and the choice fell to Ristorante Don Fauzza in Marsascala :)

The Location: In one of Marsascala's main streets, it is very easy to find :) When driving down to Marsascala from Zabbar, pass the playground on the left, go through the traffic lights and straight up the hill. Don Fauzza is found around 100m up the hill on the right side of the road. Parking on the street on weekdays not a problem. In summer and on weekends, some driving around will get you a parking spot in one of the side streets :)

The Place: We stayed on the terrace and the decor was a good combination of relaxed and stylish :) We really appreciated the wall fan on a balmy Maltese summer evening :)

The Menu: Firstly I really must compliment the on-the-house appetizers.. the soup, bread and dip were fabulous! For starters, we had the fried cheeselets and the ravioli with lobster - both dishes were mouth-watering :) Regarding mains, we had meats and were extremely satisfied with the cuts and the preparation :) The waitress kindly offered a selection of desserts for the group at a very reasonable price which included Maltese "imqaret", creme caramel and an ice-cream cake! We did not regret that choice one bit! I must say that despite the huge portions, the quality was in no way compromised and we had a great meal :)

The Staff: Helpful and courteous, and we appreciated the special attention given to our little one including the high chair and the picking up of the scattered numerous bits of bread!! :)

Gusto: We called in advance to book our table which was ready, baby chair and all, at our arrival :) They offered 50% discount on two of our starters and main courses (as we only had 1 Gusto book with us) making a good value dinner even better! We saved €27 off our total food bill :)

P's recommendation: For fantastically cooked food and really large portions, go to Don Fauzza if you are in the south of Malta.. actually, even if you're in the North.. it's really worth the drive!! :) And you can get 50% off your food bill for two by getting your Gusto Card here :D

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gusto Review - Rickshaw

After one hectic week at work and at home and barely having seen hubby for a couple of hours per day, he cheered me up with the idea of a date night on Tuesday! :) I got to choose the place... so I went straight to the Gusto website and my choice was Rickshaw at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard :D

The Location: A part of the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard, right across the road from the President's San Anton Palace. Ask at the hotel reception for directions, as it is something of a hidden gem! Literally :P Parking on the street is not usually a problem.

The Place: A rickshaw greets you at the entrance to this restaurant! Once you're down the stairs, a lovely serene ambiance welcomes you - soft music, beautiful decor and rich furnishings, and the ever-smiling staff :) Chairs are comfortable with intricate wrought iron backs, and the tables are dressed with white satiny cloths!

The Menu: Asian-Fusion cuisine is on offer. Hubby and I each had the set menu and sampled assorted satays; wonton noodle soup; chicken in garlic sauce; beef in black bean sauce; stir-fried mixed vegetables; egg-fried rice; Singapore noodles; and fried ice-cream :) A heavenly fare! :) Next time, we're planning to try one of the many sizzling dishes, as the lovely sounds and smells from nearby tables were making our mouths water! Portions are large and we took some remaining delicious leftovers home :)

The Staff: Professional service with a smile :)

Gusto: We called Rickshaw 45 minutes before our planned dinner time, confirmed that the 50% offer was available on the night and made a reservation. No other mention was needed and we saved €35 off our food bill at the end! :)

P's recommendation: Whether for a romantic date, a family outing or a business dinner, Rickshaw is sure to impress your guests! A must for Asian food lovers! And you can save 50% off your food bill for two by getting your Gusto Card here :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gusto Review - San Giovanni

While wandering around Valletta on a Wednesday at 8.30pm, hubby and I were discussing the movie we had just watched at the cinema and our grumbling stomachs... as usual, Gusto suggested a great eatery - San Giovanni opposite the St. John's Co-Cathedral :)

The Location: An impressive spot overlooking the main facade of the St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta. Easy to find and you can also do a good deal of discrete people watching at practically any time of the day or night :)

The Place: Outdoor-furniture tables and chairs are surrounded by small potted shrubs covered in fairylights (in the evenings). Umbrellas are available during the day to shield from the hot, Maltese sun. During the day, a rather busy hub while at night, live music from the establishment and from other places close by adds to the magical feel...

The Menu: Super entertaining with quotes on each page like: "There is no sincerer love than the love of food" (George Bernard Shaw) and "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy" (Frank Sinatra) :) When getting down to the food selection, the salads, pasta and meats (including the wrapped stuffed chicken) sounded great, but we decided on the fresh fish, as advised by the staff. I had a nicely cooked tuna steak and hubby had a whole sea bream on his plate! :) Lovely! :)

The Staff: Nicely greeted by the lady at the entrance and well served throughout dinner by a smart gentleman :)

Gusto: Wandered off the street and into San Giovanni's. Asked the staff if Gusto was being accepted that evening, and happily, it was :) Saved € 25 off our meal for two :) As simple as that!

P's recommendation: We loved San Giovanni. The location and atmosphere is unique, and we thought the fish was great :) I suggest if you're in the heart of Valletta any time soon, you give it a try! :) Enjoy! :) And you can save 50% off your food for two by getting your Gusto Card here :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gusto Review - TANG

Hubby and I are now married! :) The reason why we abandoned our eating pleasures on lovely Malta for about a month - we were on honeymoon! Now we are back and we wanted our date nights again - out came Gusto as usual, and the choice for our first date as a married couple was TANG :)

The Location: Set in the beautiful bastions of our capital city, Valletta, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea... a wonderful ambience! Parking on Great Siege Road between the bastions and the sea is usually quite easily available on weekdays and early evening on the weekends.

The Place: Seating is available inside where the decor is striking and ultra modern. However, the best idea on a spring/ summer/ autumn evening is the spacious terrace :) Views are fabulous and the tables are nicely spaced out on a number of split levels. Relaxing Jazz tunes in the background...

The Menu: They have salads, pasta, meats, fish and recently also pizza. The wine and cocktail menus are definitely worth a look! Hubby and I each opted for fresh tuna, cooked as advised by the Sicilian chef - and it was the best tuna ever! We also tasted what must have been the salmon and octopus carpaccio - this is what it was meant to be!! :) I must also mention the great tasting cocktails which accompanied our meal - they contributed to our chilled evening no end! Delicious mousse desserts finished our meal in style :)

The Staff: There are not enough words to describe how great they were - but I will try! The chef himself came over to our table to advise his suggestions and also came along after to make sure it was all good - he left with our heartfelt compliments! The gentleman in charge was wonderful - he was unintrusively present throughout the evening making sure we had a great night out. He also kindly offered an aperitif and the previously mentioned carpaccio on the house to celebrate our recent wedding! Much appreciated! :)

Gusto: Called 45 minutes in advance to book and confirm that they accepted Gusto on the night. Very plain sailing. We also saved €28 off our fantastic dinner! :)

P's recommendation: If you want a truly special night out, whether as a couple, with friends or family, I would definitely suggest TANG :) I cannot recommend it enough! And you can save 50% off your food bill for two, by getting your Gusto card here :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gusto Review - Townhouse 5

It was a Wednesday evening and at 8.30pm, hubby and I were still out doing errands... our last stop was in Zebbug and we were starting to get really hungry! Gusto was quickly fished out of my bag, and Townhouse 5 in Rabat was the choice for the evening :)

The Location: In the center of Rabat (Malta). As you come up from Saqqajja Hill, take the small road alongside the petrol station towards the church of St. Paul. The alley on the right is where you can easily spot Townhouse 5. Parking a little bit of a problem close by.. though if you don't mind walking 5 - 10 minutes, it is not so much of an issue :)

The Place: Quite a small restaurant, with some nice tables outside in the alley where you can eat (weather permitting). Decor is modern.

The Menu:
 Quite varied and included different meats like duck and kangaroo :) I ordered a duck carpaccio for starters, which was more of a duck salad than anything else, but still tasted good :) They also had a less formal menu available, including sandwiches, wraps and salads.

The Staff: They were nice, polite and helpful throughout our dinner.

Gusto: Accepted Gusto with no hassle whatsoever! We saved 50% off our food bill for two amounting to €35 in savings :)

P's recommendation: Townhouse 5 is a quaint location for lunch or dinner while in Rabat or surrounding areas :) And you can save 50% off your food bill for two, by getting your Gusto Card here :D

Friday, April 20, 2012

Gusto Review - Le Luci Di Marsascala

Hadn't seen hubby for a couple of days due to busy work schedules, studying time, wedding planning and honeymoon organizing - and only a month left to the Big Day!! So we decided to go on a date! :D We looked online on the Gusto website and Le Luci Di Marsascala caught our eye for its romantic-sounding name and great reviews :)

The Location: As the name goes, it is to be found in Marsascala in the south of Malta. The restaurant is on an elevated level with the local children's playground right below it and overlooking the pretty bay. Parking on the street on weekdays is no problems and very accessible by public transport (bus stop right outside).

The Place: Small and cozy with a very posh decor - the chairs are all dressed up matching the lovely curtains, contrasting with the stone walls and metal-work light fittings :) Cutlery polished until it shone!

The Menu: Definitely different - and not on paper! Presented on a small blackboard per table with the menu written in white chalk! Really original :) You will find a couple of standard main dishes (e.g. veal rib eye) but most of the menu is inventive and unique including pork belly and cheeks! We both had a great pumpkin and oyster mushroom soup for starters which had a very particular, but interesting taste :)

The Staff: A chatty, hospitable lady gave the place a family-run feel :)

Gusto: Called 30 mins before arriving there to check if we could book a table and use our 50% discount - our table booked and Gusto accepted with no problems :D and we saved €30 off our bill :)

P's recommendation: For a romantic dinner in a beautiful decor, with staff making you feel you are part of the family, Le Luci is the place :) and the constantly changing, unique menu is a definite plus! :) And to top it off, you can get 50% off your food bill for two by getting your Gusto Card here!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gusto Review - Sapori Cafe

In between marriage preparations (yes! hubby and I are getting married!!) and keeping up with our family, friends and hobbies, we found ourselves in BKara with half and hour to spare and grumbling stomachs... out came Gusto.. and Sapori Cafe it was :)

The location: In Valley Road BKara, right next to McDonalds. Parking is easy after 7pm, but during shopping hours, it is somewhat more of a hassle! If coming by bus, the bus stop is right outside the Cafe. And if you're already shopping in the area, well there you have it!

The place: Small with modern, stylish decor. We instantly got the impression of a clean, well-kept place.. and the small chandeliers added some sparkle :)

The menu: Well-priced selection of salads, wraps, baguettes, pies, pastries, omelettes, pasta and pizza. On the drinks menu, the healthy smoothies really stand out. In fact, considering I'm not much of a salad person, I really enjoyed my Caprese :) and hubby was actually full after having the Greek salad!!

The staff: Curteous and polite :) Nothing to complain about at all :)

Gusto: We wandered in and asked about using our 50% off Gusto offer prior to being seated and it was immediately accepted. No prior booking or calling needed. We saved €6.50 off our super quick dinner, and considering the total bill only came to €11, we were rather pleased!

P's recommendation: Recently opened, I think this place is going to become popular fast owing to its good food, good service and good prices! And you can save 50% off your food bill by getting your Gusto card here!! :) Enjoy!